Monday, 29 August 2016

Pay dirt persistence

Can you overthink something? Can you overpray? can you over play? can you over rest? There we have already started to examine some of the questions to gether. have we gathered anything yet? Mmm ticky...perhaps that everything EVERYTHING is questionable? Is questioning the question and the authority of the one questioning 'OVER' thinking? I don't think you should OVER think how you are feeling although mindfulness when eating is that not savoring and REALLY tasting? Savor the flavor of how you feel what you taste. Invitation instead of question...mmmm there's not the rub but the nuance. is it True? Is it Honorable? Is it in the person's Interest? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? Do I overthink by a) giving values or learning values fro each letter of the word THINK? b)can one over THINK 'thoughtful'ness when caring? e.g did the Samaritan overthink his response to the man in the road that had been attacked by the gang of robbers c)what kindness is being offered when a friend offers as salve or Savlon the brokenhearted the word s 'Don't overthink it' A) Is the name of a Christian group look to be differentiated from others as one might choose a colour or team.So here the suggester of the name: A lovely curly haired gentle soft spoken friend and also a young caring dad, wants to imbue or offere a useful tool. The tool itself a sort of can opener for kind heartedness. YES overthink...even edit one's thoughts so as to act more like the Samaritan. B)Yes one can overthink thoughtfulness when caring for spontaneous acts of generosity must not as the bible suggests 'let the left hand know what the right hand is doing'. When you kiss your girl don't blink or unrisk.Risk. C)My friend is reminding me of my own habit of exhausting myself and seeking to second guess God. 'Be still and know that I am God' Another friend when I sought the same comfort asks a question 'Does the girl you are smitten with know Jesus?' Again the action is kindly.Inferred is does she share your love and surrender to something greater or is she overthinking and trusting her own instincts and intellect or surrendering to faith is love itself? What do I think ? What is my conclusion? Only that I feel sad. That I never want to unhug the girl I 'fell' for. That thinking will not help my feelings yet only by realizing and allowing myself some answers do I get to come to terms with my sad situation. Knowing or allowing the thought that she is 'on the rebound' her words not mine,do I then accept the boot. She isn't ready for another relationship. I must not of course overthink the word 'relationship' to relate to empathize with to share to care to dialogue to mutually think relationship counselling is over thinking seeking an overview seeking the view that God offers perhaps when questioning anything or surrendering to something one should watch the first word over I am under God is over understanding requires I do not over think but surrender and shelter past tense it is over it is finished accept it well that's putting myself into place everyone enjoy the relationships that I am being denied see I failed to take the advice because of my feelings and the girl has failed to allow our new feelings to flower because of hers acceptance= not overthinking,but understanding....that as Sue jeffers said 'it is all happening perfectly just not ours the antithesis being 'they are playing a game of not playing a game if I show them that I see the game I will break their rules and they will punish me..I must continue to play the game of not showing that I see the game (R.D.LAING Knots) One is told never ever ever give up. Persistence is proactive mindful patience.i.e 'don't simply do nothing' Yet when one plants seeds one then waits.My only fear is that I may bury treasure and the manna goes off and I 'miss the moment'.But i have to back off.I loved the end of Nottinghill.......resigned to his fate he put her off.Great if you have a team that will drive you across town to find her,but not so if you have neen given Julia Robert's part anbd you awit the female equivalent to Hugh Grant Some will smoke some with overeat over work over over over it is over but not my life I think Venting is what the internet the blog the facebook page is for. I now seek a song to finish.I will share this to facebook and the other morning pages for as Jimmy Rae sings in a quality assertion song 'This is what I do'

Thursday, 10 March 2016

the 'will'

Willfulness and unmerciful cockiness are an arrogant way of going about things. I think we can all if we are honest recognize our sinful selves in this assertion or if you like confession.i.e of course if we are 'willing' to be honest. Forgiveness. it was suggested by Rob Parson's in his d.v.d /video talks from a book by the common title 'the Wisdom House',i by an act of personal will.yet as the leader/friend of a small house group concurred to highlight and reinforce this remark or perhaps assertion,it occurred to me that maybe it isn't. For I noticed in that one has chosen to surrender acquiesce ,let go,forego judgement,transcend personal hurt it is really a divinely assisted denial of one's willfulness. We had realized ,mutually as a group, through study of Russel Crowe's depiction of Inspector Javert in Les Misérables that the willful inability to forego on'e assumed legal rights to assumed common justice leads to suicide.That to not forgive is to imprison oneself inside the bars of a systematic prosecution not just of the pursued but oneself as the pursuer. Whilst to forgive oneself and to forgive others for causing us to feel that we had ,been placed in the untenable position of needing, to steal our daily bread, was liberating/liberation.Jean Valjean's willingness is brought about by the generous act of Bishop Myriel . Divine example is both a gift and a transmission of the Holy Spirit out flowing I am reminded that my dad asked me 'why is money called 'currency'? And his delight in sharing the insight 'because it is meant to flow. Perhaps not being able to forego the pernicious rules Javert had like Judas decided to pop himself in the Seine as an act of reinvestment in the Potter's field of the Author of the coin and the vestment of authority. Divine is 'of the vine' and what we feel to be will may be just the Secateurs of the gardener-the vine dresser.

Monday, 28 December 2015

new habit and new habit remembered- ZAPPY BLISSMAS

Having during the year managed to lose weight yet then during Christmas find it again I am pleased to reacquaint myself with 'the plan'. Neuro linguistic thinking is a long wordy way of saying 'whay we here and then say to ouresleves is our programming our habits forming and establishing .In a nutshell 'see it say it do = you' Christmas has the associative programme of a series of feastings I could here list em....and most come under the slimmer's world syn heading alcohol cakes cheeses cream n sweets Nice to note when allowing myself to scribble this mental 're membering' that in 'putting back together' the known/programmme I enjoyed realizing that meat fruit and veg when cooking without fat i.e spray oil or steaming instead that my new knowledge enjoyed alos listing the syn free joys of both Christmas and normal annual life as opposed to indulgent celebratory seasons. Breaking not free of programming but slipping in gentle edits and fresher better habits. So today having noticed that weight had gained and as with most Christmas'routines' the its okay 'anything goes its Christmas!' I need to now allow in the joy it is to remember wellness i.s the back on plan of authoring gratefully better eating plans So as authoring is best done on paper with pen I enjoyed remembering the everyday blissmas of counting blessings. Saying thankyou for the unwrapped presents of knowledge so alongside wriitng songs I am writing the lyrics of my tummy music So then for breakfast I am having my grilled together pineapple and bacon mushrooms on a bed of both beans and cos lettuce and topped with poached eggs sprinkled with nice fresh black pepper also two weetabix and almond milk sweetened with Stuvia* For lunchtimne I am making a chicken n rice salad with spring onion and pomegranate seeds and supper will be a slimmer's world meal with some gorgeous sprouts though I also have a savoy cabbage should I prefer And heh I just checked and I can have a small microwave style sticky pudding and even some custard with measured amounts as my daily syns So its not about dieting i.e denying the joy of life No its about enjoying developing and remembering better habit newly formed from a year of little insights gathered over the whole year but that di with a gentle resolution to 'do something about being two stone too heavy.....mmmmm and this Christmas I was bearded santa with a pillow borrowed tummy as well as Mr Sleek so who said ya can't reconcile opposites oh yes you actually can it requires including other peoples insights and working as a team to encourage change in both self and others which is out there front line church i.e entertaining that other people are angels and becoming more aware rock n roll.......mmmmm I love the discovery yesterday that there is a learning programme for the disabled entitles 'rock enrol' SPEAK THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL amen *for is is fructose free(just that part of white sugar that is in fact not real food) (and free of aspertame-even worse Robinsons call this as do Slimming world sadly 'no added sugar')

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

many rooms

Although we may feel and sort of know that none really know I still feel that all really care to arrive at a heaven when all souls can repair a place of great light a place of peace we can share The stories we read write and plot plan all taking us there. As we share all the threads of our pathways of wear. Worn through the common ground tunnels to home ladders and mindmaps stairways we roam repeatedly treading the grapes of regret till we distill the harvest to arrive at contentment we have not found not quite yet As we grow older we find that the young find us just sweet for we have let go of that loftiness deconstruct judgement's seat Longing still to be children invite all souls to still play it is then that we seek a position to pray Our knees may no longer hold us though our eyes seek the light So good each new morning as our breakfast still calls us to taste see and delight More a rest place than any we have known when to bed we are tired when we stumble to dream and untangle some threads to 'make sense' of just a little more life yet the morning makes clear that its not our acquisitiveness that is keeping us here its the wonder of every fresh breath every recognized cause for cheer so we wish ourselves joyfulness and we send up our fresh pleas a fore I take breakfast recognize all I've received meditate n say thankyou to God beyond measure that I ever had me two knees and a nose for such a life giving breeze and the hope still of sharing this vision of this common church knowing others are waking n bathing some less routinely some far less rehearsed for although our intellects egos and thinks bubbles assert that they know all and we share a new word 'mindfulness' its in waking up to the moment fresh n juicy is all. My friend Doctor Frederick said 'wisdom is life that knows that its living' So choose life in this moment may you welcome love's bliss, Are your eyes moist or grainy or a little of both are they open and reading the light of the screen of this moment of posts post your moments for other take some selfies or blog look around at your room from the mind's clearing fog see things you'd forgotten feel the blood in your legs meditate simply by writing just you feel see n wonder at so the freshness just never ends we are moving together together through life its our journey together so much to unpack from the joy that we parcel as 'present(s)' and quite simply call 'life'. When you colour your colouring book smell the wax and the wood be aware of the paper and the ink they chose and the image may resonate more if you should .Will you dip[ a briush in your tea coffee raspberry juice or the mud from a puddle can you paint outsdie the lines turning should nots in to 'shouldlls' inventing some pattern crayon rubbing some coins take a fresh piece of paper take a line for a walk photocopy some patterns recollage all the threads it is playtime forever well until its time once more for bed I had forgotten about porridge haven'st ate for a while just the smell in my mind's nose just gave me a pleasant sensation the taste has just made me smile the taste of anticipation I'll go look for the tin it once contained Christmas biscuits yet now there's oats there within I have a little low salt and just a tad of semi skimmed milk water n microwave and a sprinking of stuvia and a spoon I will lick Morning pages remembered inpsired to do them today lead me to porridge its sort of home in a shared way